Members of business chambers of economic development and civil associations interested in the growth of our state in order to become a prosperous region.
Developers of housing and commercial spaces that wish to know the best practices that lead to successful cases in our region.
Real estate agents wanting to update their knowledge of the industry.

Project Managers, Architects and Civil Engineers who will have the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas, products and services with national and international companies currently involved in new projects.
Students and academics in architecture, engineering and urbanism who will receive an explanation of best practices and case studies focused on our region.
Project Managers, Arquitectos e Ingenieros Civiles quienes tendrĂ¡n la oportunidad de conectarse e intercambiar ideas, productos y servicioscon empresas nacionales e internacionales involucrados actualmente ennuevos proyectos.

Government agencies for economic development and urban planning.